Samara, what are you doing?


Samara, what are you doing?

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step 1: think about the quote “don’t go where i can’t follow” in relation to your otp

step 2: feel sad


thats literally what this face means tho

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Holy shit. She did it.

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30 Day Mass Effect Challenge

Day 5: Favorite Loyalty Mission 

Grunt: Rite of Passage.

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The Lazarus Project

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Just had to share this!

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miranda lawson: [spends 2 years directing a project to resurrect you]
miranda lawson: [personally oversees and assists in a large portion of the work done on your corpse]
miranda lawson: [saves you from being killed AGAIN when the lab is attacked, prioritising your safety over her own]
miranda lawson: [can't really be bothered to be your BFF right now after being shot at on your behalf all day, but only for about 20 minutes]
miranda lawson: [is perfectly pleasant once youre on the normandy and everything is settled down]
fandom: omfg what a colossal bitch
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I kinda felt i needed to do this after reading the tags and comments on my art.


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Though rumors suggest you’re building a super weapon of some kind?

Oh my god. Your Shepard is gorgeous!  Would bang 10/10

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